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· iConnect Digital Literacy Coach

The Supportive Older Women’s Network (SOWN) iConnect program provides a digital literacy program for an extremely undeserved population in this area, grandparents raising grandchildren. SOWN’s iConnect program provides much needed digital literacy through supportive workshop series designed specifically for our grandparents to promote inclusion and bridge the digital divide. Many of our grandparents have limited computer skills. Grandparents recognize and express concern that they need to understand, monitor, and keep up with their grandchildren’s use of technology. This would also include accessing grandchildren’s progress reports, attendance, and grades at school; linking to grandchildren’s electronic health records at their doctor’s; applying for summer programs, job training, scholarships, and financial aid; even accessing high school and college applications for their grandchildren.

The iConnect Program provides three cycles of a six-session (1 hour/session) workshop series over the grant period for grandparents raising grandchildren to enhance their digital literacy. The iConnect Program uses the Sip and Swipe Café App by Generations On Line.

As a Digital Literacy Coach it is especially important for you to be a guide, rather than a teacher. Our grandparents will do the work as this experience will be most beneficial to participants when they are encouraged to do it themselves.


  • Be patient, respectful, and kind
  • Coach SOWN grandparents and other participants through the Sip and Cafe App developed by Generations On Line
  • Organize and arrange tables for communal group work, with 3-4 people at a table
  • Set tables up with tablets and tip cards
  • Assist with troubleshooting issues on the tablet
  • When tablets go black, the screen is frozen, delayed response, battery is low, and other issues occur all the time; please remember to remind participants that the tablets are not broken
  • Check all tablets to be sure they have been powered off
  • Place the tablets back into charger cabinet and make sure the cabinet is locked
  • Have FUN!


  • Reliable transportation to the training site
  • No knowledge of Sip and Swipe App necessary
  • Basic knowledge of tablet technology

Contact: Arlene Segal at 215-487-3000 ext. 11 or

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· Volunteer Group Leader

Dynamic volunteers are needed to facilitate support groups for older women in senior apartment buildings throughout Philadelphia. Volunteers will be trained in group facilitation and receive ongoing support from SOWN staff.

The time commitment is two hours per group session, twice per month.

Click here to see a map of locations.

Contact: Patty Davis at 215-487-3000 ext. 25 or

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· SOWN Board Member

SOWN is seeking Board Members who:

  • Want to make a difference
  • Desire to network with other professional people
  • Are looking to engage in strategic planning and policy discussions
  • Want an opportunity to plan SOWN’s success
  • Will attend five meetings per year
  • Have financial, accounting or legal expertise
  • Have marketing and social media skills
  • Have experience in healthcare-related fields

Contact: Merle Drake, Executive Director at, or Roslyn Pollack, Board Nominating Committee Chair at

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