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Healthy Lives: Community Support Groups & Workshops


The number of Americans aged 65 and older has increased ten times in the last century (ABC News, August 10, 2013). As we age, we tend to become more isolated, and may become depressed, which affects our physical health. How well we cope is largely determined by having social supports- the care of family and friends.


A lifeline of support: "I thought I was done for, but..." continued here

SOWN provides community support groups for adults 50+ living independently in their homes and neighborhoods. Healthy Lives helps older adults break through isolation, function independently, maintain well-being, and age in place.

Support groups and workshops are held year-round at convenient, neighborhood locations throughout Philadelphia. Discussion of common concerns, problem solving, and exchange of information, resources and emotional support occur in the groups.

Click here for a map of neighborhood locations.


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SOWN: Meeting the needs of diverse adults and their families throughout the Greater Philadelphia area

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