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Counseling for Homebound Adults: Teleconference Support Groups


As we age, we may become ill, lose our mobility, feel isolated in our home, and become depressed or anxious. How well we cope is largely determined by having social supports- the care of family and friends.


A lifeline of support: "I can tell my group anything..." continued here

SOWN provides trusted care, education, and support to hundreds of older adults in the Philadelphia metropolitan area who are alone and coping with chronic health conditions and/or multiple disabilities that make it impossible to leave home.

Homebound adults connect by teleconferencing to their weekly SOWN support group, facilitated by a clinical social worker. SOWN provides a vital safety net for each member, including individual counseling, advocacy, and information and referral services.


Proven results:


SOWN: Meeting the needs of diverse adults and their families throughout the Greater Philadelphia area

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