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Building healthier and stronger families for the future


To promote inclusion and bridge the digital divide, SOWN’s iConnect program provides much-needed digital literacy through a supportive workshop series designed specifically for grandparents who are raising their grandchildren. Many grandparents have limited computer skills.

iConnectThese grandparents recognize that they need to understand, monitor, and keep up with their grandchildren’s use of technology.

Grandparents must be able to access grandchildren’s progress reports, attendance, and grades at school; link to grandchildren’s electronic health records at their doctors' offices; apply for summer programs, job training, scholarships, and financial aid; and access high school and college applications for their grandchildren.

iConnect will include the following workshops and much more:

Educating grandparents to be digitally literate will positively impact the lives of all family members. The invaluable tool of the internet has been proven to not only connect people to more resources but has also been proven to enhance successful aging.

In collaboration with the Digital Literacy Alliance, Sip & Swipe Café®, and The Family Practice and Counseling Network, SOWN provides this program free of charge to grandparents raising grandchildren.

To learn more or register, contact Jessica Adedipe at 215-487-3000 x13 or To download a flyer, click here.

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